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High Quality Media Conversion Service

We prepare Hi Quality Web-Ready Audio and Video streams.

Many artists and Management don't realise the advantage of marketing their material in digital format. We'll help you compile your audio and video recordings of live performances, sessions, interviews, etc, into web promotion and marketable digital products such as DVD, Svcd, Vcd, Enhanced CD, and Audio CD's.

Or maybe you just have some archives of work you want converted.

we can Master to/from - DVD, SVCD, VCD, CDR, Audio CD, CDR, DVC, MiniDV, SVHS, VHS, Beta, Hi8, Adat, Dat, Mini Disk, Cassette, MultiTrack, and most file formats supported (inc AVI, Wav, Mpg/2/3/4, AC3, etc) up to 24Bit/96Khz 5.1 or stereo. Firewire and SDI supported.